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Since 2006 we have been working in Assets & Skills Consulting in a way which makes our Clients fully achieve their business objectives. We concentrate on the effective functioning of the sales, customer service, HR, administration, logistics, storage and distribution.

The aim of our activity is to optimise business processes in Clients' companies, which allow them not only to increase their revenue, but also decrease expenses. Furthermore, there is an increase in the operational flexibility of their organisations.

Companies operate in dynamic environment. Many of them change their strategy, which happens every two years on average. What flexibility, what potential is needed for a company to maintain its strategic dexterity?

As Consultants-practitioners, we know what processes occur inside an organisation, we know and understand challenges faced by CEOs, department managers and HR employees.
We assist Clients with our competence, knowledge, experience and personal involvement. We support the maximum use of resources that our company has. Our Client's objective is our objective.

In Assets & Skills Consulting we convince business that the key to:

  • maintaining strategic dexterity is the operational efficiency of a company,
  • growth and increased competitiveness in a market is the development of human capital, i.e. employees' competences.

Business Consulting: Building a Strategy

Assets & Skills Business Consulting - Building a Strategy We work both for entities that are starting their operations in Poland, as well as companies which already operate in this market. We are prepared to carry out a business project from the start until complete operational capability has been reached.

We implement strategies effectively by:

  • planning and thinking in strategic categories,
  • translating strategies into operational goals,
  • building an efficient organisation, oriented towards the accomplishments of business goals,
  • designing functional culture of communication (internal and external).

When building and organising the structure of a company, we concentrate in particular on aspects which drive this company, i.e. the effectiveness of a trade department.

In Assets & Skills, we work in a consulting or implementing system - within the framework of interim management activities. We are prepared to manage a Client's company at the very least until a specific business goal is reached and/or target management personnel is employed and professionally prepared.

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Business Consulting: Operational Consulting

Assets & Skills Business Consulting - Operational Consulting Within the scope of operational processes, in Assets & Skills we concentrate on the improvement of the current operational efficiency of a Client's company. We start from analysing the current state, in areas agreed upon with a Client. Then we develop new - streamlining solutions and their implementation is consequently supervised or carried out directly - within the framework of Interim Management service.

Areas of our specialty:

  • giving priority to goals over operational activities,
  • improving, coordinating and monitoring business processes,
  • identifying opportunities and threats, and implementing optimal solutions,
  • analysing market trends and being ready for changes.

At each stage of managing an organisation – in cooperation with the Board, company management and operational employees, we advise and implement the best activities for the current and future situation of a Client, in accordance with good market practice and appropriately to the organisational capabilities of a Client.

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Business Consulting: Orientation Towards the Client

Assets & Skills Business Consulting - Orientation Towards the Client Within the framework of services concentrated on the improvement of operational efficiency, we place particular emphasis on the way in which organisations view their customers (the so-called pro-customer approach in a company). We advise, develop and implement activities which are oriented towards high standards in this scope.

In Assets & Skills Consulting we work in a consulting or implementing system.

We concentrate on aspects such as:

  • open approach to customer's expectations,
  • proactive approach in communication and operation,
  • expert approach to products and services offered within the framework of a Client's basic activity,
  • business etiquette.

In Assets & Skills we use holistic and creative approach to the implementation of projects. We develop standards of work and customer service, supplementing them with awareness development sphere as well as professional competence of employees. We train personnel at all levels, enabling them to increase their professional skills. As a consequence, there is an increase in employees' motivation, they are getting better and better at navigating the demanding area of business relations, and the market competitiveness of a Client's company grows.

In the scope of building company culture oriented towards the client, we prefer cooperation based on partnership. We are guided by good market practice as well as our Client's needs and capabilities.

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Business Consulting: Human Resource Management

Assets & Skills Business Consulting - Human Resource Management In Assets & Skills Consulting we convince people that making use of human capital is key to business development. We think that it is not possible to develop a company without developing competences of its employees.
A team which is aware of its objectives, efficient, professionally prepared and motivated, is one of the key sources of competitive advantage.
At the same time, we are aware that such investment must yield a return, in accordance with the assumed purpose of the project.

Areas of our specialty:

  • designing the functional culture of internal communication,
  • identifying with a company; creating employee's awareness of fulfilling the role of a company's ambassador,
  • developing competences, creating an efficient organisation,
  • integrating employee teams, developing approaches that are consistent with company values.

When developing the competences of employees and managers of all levels, we use the following two methods:

  • group process (workshops) - skills are developed,
  • personal development (coaching) - assets are developed.

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Business Workshops

In Assets & Skills we help develop skills
which enable the efficient functioning of business.

Business Workshops: Level 1 - Effective individual

Assets & Skills Business Workshops - Effective individual
How to efficiently communicate and make an impact, especially on persons who are different than us? Insights® Discovery.

Getting to know your personality type, your preferred communication style and adversative communicative type.

Identifying 4 basic personality types according to C.G. Jung and developing a behavioural tactic towards different persons, especially difficult ones.

Building efficient relations, strengthening one's influence on others, avoiding conflicts.

Defining individual areas of development and behaviours which may support this development. Practical exercises with the use of examples based on one's own professional situations.

Basic skills used to develop many other competences.

Practical methods of achieving sales targets. Sales techniques based on a communication model

Developing practical communication tools, defining clients' needs.

Learning to think in terms of fulfilling one's own interests through satisfying clients' needs. Getting to know the stages of a sales process, controlling a conversation by asking questions, developing advantages and reacting to objections (and to a price).

Abilities which are a base for developing telephone sales skills.

How to increase sales by using a phone?

Building business relations by phone, getting an interlocutor to accept you, developing the rules of the communication process with emphasis on phone.

Creating a tool to carry out effective sales conversations by phone: asking questions, building advantages, reacting to objections.

Practical exercises to consolidate the skills and preserve the ease of making a business conversation.

Before and after this workshop, it may be beneficial to consider learning efficient communication according to Insights® Discovery, in order to adjust one's communication to an interlocutor's needs.


Communication process between parties trying to reach an agreement in a matter which is important to them, while having various opinions, needs and motivations.

Developing problem analysis skills which give a real chance to assess a situation, develop a solution and effectively communicate, especially in emotionally difficult situations.

Practicing the acquired knowledge on examples from one's own professional experience.

Time Management and Making Decisions

Assessing current time management efficiency and its consequences. Determining a target, learning how to set priorities and objectives of undertaken tasks.

Planning in a way which takes you closer to the achievement of important goals. Learning how to manage free time for more effective rest.

During the workshop, participants develop their own workday schedules, determine weaknesses in their time management. They prepare action plans which enable them to further develop acquired competences.

Effective Implementation of a Marketing Strategy

Research shows that only 15% of a strategy is implemented in some companies.

The workshop, with the participation of the Customer Marketing Department, aims at learning and understanding a strategy, as well as communicating it effectively in everyday interaction with customers.

Practising communications made to customers, learning to cope with potentially difficult situations.

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Business Workshops: Level 2 - Effective Team Member

Assets & Skills Business Workshops - Effective Team Member
How to Build a Successful Team? Team Role Theory by Meredith Belbin®

Getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of participants in the context of team members.

Learning how to knowingly contribute to teamwork and adapt to other members in a team, irrespective of a nominal position.

Preparing design team maps, understanding other people's way of acting and communicating.

Learning how to achieve goals in a team, recognise and develop a person's potential by delegating appropriate tasks to appropriate people.

Anticipating potential risks in various team member configurations.

Assertiveness as the Base for Building Relations with Others

Assertiveness is not only the art of refusing. It is primarily an approach that protects one's own interests and needs and respects another person at the same time.

During the workshop, assertive reactions to opinions expressed about participants are developed (including criticism, attack and allusion).

Participants learn to express their own opinions (including negative emotions) without succumbing to pressure to change one's mind, while maintaining good relations.

Assertiveness is the skill which is necessary for managers, salespeople and everyone whose goals rely on communicating with others.

Practice with the use of situations from one's own professional experience.

Preparing plans of developing one's own assertive approach.

Public Speaking. Effective Presentation Techniques

Being aware of how our presentations are received by listeners, defining a desired self-image.

Learning how to establish presentation goals, its course and persuasive structure.

Necessary factors in holding a listener's attention, the analysis of using accessories and methods of working with them.

Getting to know the crucial aspects of body language and using one's voice, analysing the role of emotions experienced by speakers and listeners.

Presentation practice, obtaining feedback.

Preparing personal plans for developing this skill.

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Business Workshops: Level 3 - Competent Manager

Assets & Skills Business Workshops - Competent Manager
Commercial Planning and Client Segmentation, i.e. Goal-oriented Management

Developing one of the basic managerial skills, i.e. the effective implementation of a corporate strategy and sales targets, with support of co-workers.

Learning to cascade goals down to subordinates, negotiating a strategy and tactics for their implementation with appropriate clients. Defining promotion budgets and necessary competences.

Analysing the potential of individual markets and the share of one's product in those markets - methods to maintain or increase them.

Introduction to the implementation of this model into a salesperson's everyday work.

Coaching in Workplace, Called "On the Job" Coaching or Skill Coaching

Learning the coaching approach in management.

Managers familiarize themselves with a model consisting in giving feedback together with involving a subordinate in changing their behaviour. This particular skill determines whether a subordinate's motivation will be maintained, or whether it will increase or decrease, and it directly translates into a manager's success or failure at work.

Learning to analyse employees' behaviour in terms of their effectiveness.

Emphasis on practical exercises in giving feedback in difficult situations, where good business relations between a manager and subordinate are seriously jeopardised.

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Business Workshops: Level 4 - Inspiring Leader

Assets & Skills Business Workshops - Inspiring Leader
Team Leadership. Situational Leadership.

Learning how to be a leader, i.e. a person who sets an ambitious objective and motivates their subordinates to go in a chosen direction.

The first stage involves learning to specify a task correctly, then assess the level of a subordinate's readiness to perform this task.

The last element consists in selecting an efficient way to match one's behaviour in order to provide sufficient support for a subordinate.

Practicing individual skills with the use of situations taken from one's everyday experience in management.

Coaching Clinic®, i.e. Managing Through Coaching

Acquiring knowledge and skills in the scope of inspiring others to believe in their own success and making them achieve exceptional results.

Getting to know one's personal coaching style, which directly translates into effective communication with subordinates.

Implementing the coaching approach results in increased quality of work environment, through promoting innovation, improving results, developing and retaining best employees, improving communication in a company, increased motivation and employees' involvement in achieving corporate goals.

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Business Workshops: Level 5 - Professional Power

Assets & Skills Business Workshops - Professional Power

Sometimes, instead of obtaining another competence, it is advantageous to develop the already possessed ones and applying them in a different way.

Then the participation of valued manager in coaching shall be considered. Building on the already possessed knowledge and skills, the manager is working on releasing and development of his/her potential.

The process of coaching shall be used for breaking one’s own barriers. It allows people to get to know themselves, act more consciously and innovatively, in line with the needs and objectives of his/her organization.


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A process which releases human potential. Individual development brings benefits to an organisation as well.

What is coaching?

In Assets & Skills Consulting, we understand coaching as a process during which a Client strives to achieve a desired developmental goal. It is a process based on mutual trust and partnership relation. Clients themselves create solutions. On the other hand, a coach has tools which help a Client find those solutions.

The essence of coaching consists in providing support for a Client in making independent, intentional changes or changes agreed upon with their supervisors. This process triggers human potential, therefore, individual development brings benefits to an organisation, which can develop more fully, strengthen its competitiveness on the market and achieve specific business goals faster. Coaching is an investment for a company in permanent and long-term development of its organisation, as well as employees who are valuable for this company.

How to introduce coaching in an organisation?

Assets & Skills Coaching - coaching in an organisation The best way is to start with the highest management or an entrepreneur. It is beneficial for them, as the first coaching recipients, to increase the effectiveness of their work in an organisation. This will help them to strengthen the company both through developing their competences, as well as creating appropriate approach. Such experience can be used in two ways: to recommend the coaching process to the members of their team, or introduce coaching-based management style.

In Assets &Skills we provide holistic coaching, which acknowledges that a person's functioning and their results are significantly influenced by their beliefs, ingrained habits in thinking and acting, hierarchy of values and a sense of identity. And each of these factors can increase or decrease the effectiveness of Client's actions, in every aspect of life.

What benefits does coaching bring?

  • Expanding self-awareness, goals, conditions and situations in which a Client acts, and decisions that they make.
  • Increased use of natural resources. Taking responsibility for one's future and for shaping it in an active way.
  • Finding new perspectives, better understanding of one's own thoughts, emotions, actions, as well as people in situations which happen around us.
  • Removing internal barriers (e.g. beliefs, attitudes) as well as external ones (e.g. peer pressure) in the process of achieving professional and private goals.
  • Changing current way of thinking and managing activities, including the ways of building relations, communicating, types of applied management tools, communication methods, changing emotions, e.g. how to deal with stressful situations, etc.

Business coaching

Assets & Skills Coaching biznesowy - business coaching Business Coaching relates to the context of an organisation where a Client functions professionally. It is usually connected with performed tasks, and the developmental goals and indicators are negotiated between a Client and the representative of an organisation (a supervisor or HR manager).

In terms of the process subject, business coaching can be divided into:

  • strategic coaching, executive coaching, when the development goals of a Client who is usually a member of the highest management, concentrate on specifying a development direction and creating the strategy of companies and organisations.
  • leadership coaching, when the development goals of a Client, who is usually a member of management in companies and organisations, concentrate on the development of potential connected with leading others. In this area, it is beneficial to use additional tools, e.g. the 360° assessment.
  • Assets & Skills Consulting also provides on the job coaching or skills coaching. Its purpose is to provide skills. The key element of this process is to observe a Client in their workplace and provide feedback. On the job coaching is a process which equips people with tools, knowledge and opportunities that they need in order to develop and work more and more efficiently.

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Personal/Life Coaching

Assets & Skills Personal/Life Coaching Personal/life coaching is usually provided outside the context of an organisation, requested by a private individual. The subject of coaching depends on a Client's individual needs and may concern the implementation of a vision in life, preparing plans, maintaining relations, health and appearance, creativity, financial freedom, children upbringing, making decisions in matters which are of key importance to a Client, etc.

"You are the only person in existence who can use your potential", Zig Ziglar

Personal development opportunity, meaning the implementation of solutions which are the closest to one's belief to use one's potential, is very motivational. Clients can wait for their organisation to provide initiative, but they can also take their potential in their own hands and build their reputation more effectively by going through a coaching process.

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Assets & Skills Team

Agnieszka Kaczmarek, Assets & Skills Consulting, Trener Biznesu, Coach ICC

Agnieszka Kaczmarek

  • 14 years of experience in international corporations in the scope of: customer service management, sales management, managing a group of products.
  • 10 years of workshop experience in the following areas: building relations with a client, managerial skills, personal skills, as well as consulting projects: competence audit, recruitment and selection, building competence models.
  • 5 years of experience in manager coaching (including the executive level).
  • Certificates: Business Trainer, Coach ICC (C 7127, 28.VIII 2010), accreditation in Team Role Theory according to Belbin, NLP practitioner.
Marzenna Tusza, Assets & Skills Consulting, Konsultant, Interim Manager, self storage

Marzenna Tusza

  • Business practitioner at a management and operational level in Polish and international companies.
  • Lines of business: business-to-business (4 years), FMCG (9 years), self-storage (9 years, including the implementation of services in the Polish market, adapting global standards to local needs).
  • Experience in implementing new business projects, building and managing commercial departments, developing employees' competence, developing customer service quality standards.
Hanna Napiórkowska, Assets & Skills Consulting, Trener Sprzedaży, Coach

Hanna Napiórkowska

  • Certified Sales Trainers, Insights® Discovery Trainer, Coaching Trainer and Coach Trainer (coaching course accredited by ICF, provided in Wszechnica UJ by Erickson College International).
  • Over 20 years of experience in training and development management.
  • Specialty: implementing standards and systems which increase business effectiveness.
  • Main competence: sales and soft HR.

Implemented Projects

Allianz Bank, Allianz TU, AstraZeneca Pharma Poland Sp. z o. o., Bristol Myers-Squibb Polska Sp. z o. o., BOIRON Sp. z o.o., Coloplast Sp. z o.o., City Self Storage sp. z o.o., DSV Sp. z o.o. S.K.A., ECE Projektmanagement Polska Sp. z o.o., Electrolux Poland sp. z o. o, Apteka „Galenica” i Apteka „Pod Sasanką”, GE Money Bank, Gedeon Richter Marketing Polska Sp. z o.o., Green Caffè NERO, JZO Sp. z o. o., Kangu Self Storage, MAP Polska Sp. z o.o., Bank Millennium SA, Novo Nordisk Sp. z o. o., Oriflame Poland Sp. z o. o, NDG Medica, Pfizer Polska Sp. z o.o., Roche Polska Sp. z o.o., Spółdzielnia Inwalidów "ELEKTRON", Spółdzielnia Inwalidów TRUD, Sysmex Polska Sp. z o.o., V&S Luksusowa, Work Express.

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